ZOO in Szeged:

The zoo with the largest land area in Hungary has been receiving visitors since 1989. Although it is located a mere 2.5 km from the city centre of Szeged, it lies in a natural environment. The oak forest and Lake Sancer promise a pleasant and calming experience by themselves. However, the animal collection offers exciting encounters, as visitors can see several true curiosities along with zoo favourites, such as lions, giraffes, meerkats. The entrance fee is 20 euro/person.

Wine tasting St. Gellért Wine House:

5 different wine types will be tasted during this event, these wines are from 5 regions of Hungary. You can also taste a real Hungarian speciality which is eaten for this occasion, it is bread and dripping with onion. The entrance fee is 20 euro/person.

Guided sightseeing tour around SZEGED:

Szeged is the third largest city of Hungary, the largest city and regional centre of the Southern Great Plain and the county seat of Csongrád county.Population: 164.000 person. A 2 hours sightseeing by walk, You can get acquainted with the county town of Csongrád county. The entrance fee is 300 euro/group.

Cruise on the Tisza river in Szeged:

The 1-hour cruise departing from the Roosevelt Square harbor in Szeged takes passengers past the center of Szeged, touching the Belvárosi Bridge and the Bertalan Bridge to the mouth of the Maros where it turns around and returns to the place of departure after the flood memorial and Boszorkány Island.The ship is a 80-seat water bus named Hegyalja, consisting of 2 airspaces. The ship is covered with windows that can be opened on the sides. The entrance fee is 500 euro/group.

Puszta Programme:

Puszta Programme in a special horse-riding show of 30 minutes. Stud Presentation, Horse herders procession, The show of the Puszta Five, Skill show by the horsemen: Horse laying and sitting, Puszta armchair, Test of strengths, sitting down at the table, Cracking the whip, Mother-in-law beating and horsemen competitions. A show by Anti the donkey, stud galloping. The entrance fee is 35 euro/person.

Crazy Jump Trampoline Park:
Are you a children or an adult? then this is your game… be sure to watch this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjYB0Bynvo0

If you are tired of playing video games or pressing the phone, we have a special offer that guarantees both fun and active movement for adults and children. At Crazy Jump Trampoline Park, you are sure to find the most fun game for you, be it the bouncer, climbing wall, Battle beam or Big Airbag. Come and try it! – 1 hour – 10 euro/person.