We warmly welcome:

  • folk dance ensembles
  • majorette groups with or without music bands
  • orchestras (wind bands, etc.)


Registration: The number of persons can be maximum 50-100 persons.

  • 4 Night festival dates: 29 June – 3 July 2023. – 6-10 July 2023. – 13-17 July 2023. – 20-24 July 2023. – 27-31 July 2023. – 3-7 August 2023. – 10-14 August 2023.
  • Only those groups’ registrations are accepted that assume the participation fee and the travel expenses.
  • If the group number of people: 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 etc. – Participation fee for – In the center of the festival – 4 nights – 145 euros/person/festival
  • If the group number of people: 39, 38, 37, 36, 35, 34 etc. – Participation fee for – In the center of the festival – 4 nights – 5800 euros/group/festival
  • Optional: (not compulsory):
    At arrival it is possible to order warm dinner: 8 euro/person.
    Departure, it is possible to order a hot breakfast: 8 euro/person.
    For departure it is possible to order 2 sandwiches and a 1.5 litre mineral water, the price of it is 6 euro/person. You can porde from home already, or here at the festival you can tell us, if you want to order.
  • The optional meals have to be ordered in advance.
  • If the group arrives by plane, 4 night: 5200 Euro/group/festival – The bus cost is paid by the group. One bus for 50 people. The bus can be used only within the festival program frames.
  • Hungarian bus rental: 1000 EURO/day.
  • You can apply for the festival any time one week before the date as well. But before you apply, please get information if at the date you would like to come there is available place.
  • Number of persons:
  • When you fill in the application form, please write the number of persons who will come to the festival there, if you do not know the exact number, then please write there an approximate number, for example 35-40 or 40-45 persons etc. I will need the exact number only one month before the festival date, but if you now it earlier, you can send it to me.
  • For your information: the bus can be used only within the festival program-frames, if the group arrives by plane. Many groups want to watch BUDAPEST, but it is not part of the program, so the festival will not undertake any kind of BUDAPEST sightseeing, thanks for your understanding.
  • In the case if the group deleted the participation at the festival after the deposit payment, the deposit will not be paid back, but if the group comes in 2024 to the festival, then the deposit will be calculated into the the amount. If the group will not come in 2024, then the deposit will be lost. Thanks for your understanding.



  • The costs of travel to the festival and back to your home are charged on the group.
  • During the Festival you might need to travel around 200-300 km altogether. To be able to drive it without violating the regulation on tachographs and driver’s working hours, please consider arriving with two bus drivers.
  • Pre-arranged performances cannot be cancelled due to exceeding the driver’s official working hours!



  • The International County-Wandering Festival organises 2-3 performance opportunities where the groups are obliged to attend and give a minimum 15 – maximum 40-minute show.
  • The performances take place on open (possibly sun-protected) stages.



  • Each participating group is assisted by an English speaking Festival Team member during the Festival days. She/He provides help with orientation and any other reasonable requests.