Hagymatikum Thermal Bath of Makó:

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The Makó Thermal and Medical Spa is a spa complex with experience, medical and wellness areas in the heart of the city center, the most significant tourist attraction in Makó. The first service building was built five years later on the thermal water that was brought to the surface for the first time in 1956. The beach spa, which originally served mainly for cleanliness purposes, was gradually transformed after the regime change, first the medical department was built, then since the 2000s, the city administration has seen the expansion of the spa and its endowment with experience elements as a central issue, since this will lead to an increase in guest traffic and the introduction of tourism they were waiting. The largest part of the unique organic building complex, handed over in January 2012, was designed by Imre Makovecz, the best-known figure in contemporary Hungarian architecture. The 2007 tanusoda complex is the work of Makovecz’s student, Lőrinc Csernyus.