We warmly welcome:

  • folk dance ensembles
  • majorette groups with or without music bands
  • orchestras (wind bands, etc.)

Registration: The age and the maximum number of musicians and dancers in the group are not limited. Adult, young and children ensembles are welcome. Family members and friends may join this folklore festival and travel to Hungary for the same price.

  • Only those groups’ registrations are accepted that assume the participation fee and the travel expenses. Performances with live and music recorded on USB are both allowed.
  • Participation fee – 155 Euró/person/festival.
  • On arrival hot dinner is possible 15 euros/person.
  • On departure hot breakfast is possible 15 euros/person, all other meals are paid for by the festival.
  • + 1 day before the festival: 60 euró/person: (accommodation, dinner, breakfast and Makó or Mórahalom spa ticket price).
  • Hungarian bus rental: 1000 Euró/day. (If, the during the festival, the own bus breaks down)
  • Hungarian bus: If the group arrives by plane: 5600 Euró/group/festival. The bus cost is paid by the group. The bus can be used only within the festival program frames.
  • Payment, advance: Each group must pay an advance of 1000 euros within 7 days of receiving the invitation letter. All additional amounts must be paid in cash in euros upon arrival, but before the accommodation is occupied.
  • In case of unexpected circumstances or Force Majeure, the organizer reserves the right to change the date of the event or to postpone it for the next year.
  • Accident insurance: I inform you and at the same time I ask you to have an insurance for individual or group purpose by all means, this document has to be brought with you during the festival always.
    If you are an EU country then you have to obtain the EU card. The medical treatment is very expensive in Hungary, so of somebody does not have this card or insurance for Hungary, then this person has to pay for this kind of treatment. You have to know that if somebody has to go to emergency then the examination can be one of those kinds that has to be paid, for example X-ray, CT. Thanks for your understanding.
  • When you fill in the application form, please write the number of persons who will come to the festival there, if you do not know the exact number, then please write there an approximate number, for example 35-40 or 40-45 persons etc. I will need the exact number only one month before the festival date, but if you now it earlier, you can send it to me.
  • In the case if the group deleted the participation at the festival after the deposit payment, the deposit will not be paid back, but if the group comes in 2025 to the festival, then the deposit will be calculated into the the amount. If the group will not come in 2025, then the deposit will be lost. Thanks for your understanding.


  • The costs of travel to the festival and back to your home are charged on the group.
  • During the Festival you might need to travel around 400-500 km altogether. To be able to drive it without violating the regulation on tachographs and driver’s working hours, please consider arriving with two bus drivers.
  • Pre-arranged performances cannot be cancelled due to exceeding the driver’s official working hours!


  • The International County-Wandering Festival organises 2-3 performance opportunities where the groups are obliged to attend and give a minimum 15 – maximum 20-minute show.


  • Each participating group is assisted by an English speaking Festival Team member during the Festival days. She/He provides help with orientation and any other reasonable requests.